Watecline Co., Ltd. Offline. Disposal of waste water treatment equipment. To the hotel, real estate, industry has used the price is not high. Maintenance costs can have a spare one.


1.1 Submersible Aerator ( Tsurumi, Shinmaywa, Warator)
1.2 Air Blower ( Tsurumi, Shinmaywa, Taiko kikai)
1.3 Submersible Ejector ( Tsurumi, Shinmaywa, Warator)
1.4 Air Diffuser( NGE)


2.1 Submersible pump (Tsurumi, Shinmaywa, HCP)
2.2 Self priming pump (Varisco, Waris)
2.3 Dry Pit pump (Tsurumi, Shinmaywa, Warator)

3.Plastic media

3.1 Crossflow media (Warator)
3.2 Bio Media (Warator)

The above equipment can be provided please ask for a special price

Mr.paisarn +668-1825-2624  24 Hr. or FAX : +662-418-2426

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